Minggu, 08 Juni 2014

Find My Car - GPS Navigation app

Can display the shortest distance between my location to the saved parking Most of the similar application give you the route (car or walk by roads) to your destination point but I was looking for application that give the shortest distance between my location to the saved parking point. Found it here in the waypoint navigator option.

Find My Car - GPS Navigation app
From a leading producer of mobile navigation tech guides software, a powerful find-your-way-back car-locator app that does not require maps or a network connection. Use your phone's GPS capabilities to navigate back you your car or any other location previously visited. Choose from three navigation systems including GPS reflected radar, maps showing the route back to your vehicle or a dynamic destination-pointing compass.
Recent Comments:
"5 stars. Finally a nice simple way to find my car that actually works, and not only the car. It works on anything to find your way back."
"Great Does a great job of finding my car. In my tests it is accurate to 4 meters which is fantastic for a phone gps. Good work and thanks for a great app! "
We have loaded the app with all kinds of extras to entertain as well as navigate!
** DS Software specializes in mobile navigation solutions.

it seems to work got this app along with some of the others from these guys and pretty happy with what they do. yes virginia, its important to realize that w/o a gps signal like if you were in an underground or enclosed parking structure it would'nt work very well. for that, send a reminder note to yourself with the level and parking space number.